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What the Rainbow Citizen team
can do for you

Second Citizenship

Get a second passport from a country better suited to your professional life and personal desires.

Business Services

Company formationCompany formation - we can help you setting up your company in Budapest and gaining residency with it. With us you can have one of the most popular alternetives as EU base for your business. ,Virtual officeVirtual office - if you don't have time to deal with the obligatory part of having a company this is the service you need: providing seat address, opening and scanning all mail, determining which requires the CEO’s attention, providing short summaries in English if needed.Accounting and financeAccounting and finance - strongly recommended service when having a company in a foreign country. Easy way of avoiding fines and keeping your business clear!Business planningBusiness planning - This service provides you all the information you might need when relocating a business or starting a new one (range from a first scan of a sector through an analysis of the competition to detailed financial projections)Translation servicesTranslation services - Our translation service is specialized in business translation services in all major languages..

Investment Residency

Become resident in a country of your choice to open new doors around the world.

Let Us Find Your Place
Under the Rainbow

There are over 30 countries in the world that offer residency or citizenship in exchange for investment. We monitor these programs according to the Rainbow Citizen standards.

We will walk you through the process from choosing the ideal program through the application until you hold your new residency card or passport in your hand.

how to choose a program


When choosing your ideal destination, we need to consider your budget as well as your preferred type of investment (real estate, government bond, donation, bank deposit etc.). Other factors to consider include the type of program (residency or citizenship), the number of family members applying together, and the potential availability of financing. But most importantly, we will work with you to find the program that best matches your lifestyle and personal priorities. 

why choose Rainbow citizen


Civil rights. Equal marriage. Women's rights. Anti-discrimination laws. A tolerant and open-minded society. We understand the importance of such issues when making a life-changing decision. Work with Rainbow Citizen, and within months of making your investment, you will gain the right to travel freely, work, own property, and participate fully in the society of your choice.

Our Pricing Policy


Investment immigration programs require a serious financial commitment – and we’re confident we have the best offers on the market. Feel free to shop around! Rainbow Citizen will match any verifiable competing offer. What’s more, we donate USD 1,000 to the charity of your choice per application processed. What’s better than following your dreams, getting the best available price, and giving back to your community at the same time?